Lyrics Edit

Muno: My name's Muno and I'm looking like an elf.

Only problem is I'm all by myself.

Foofa: Hi! I'm Foofa, and I'm an elf too.

I'd better work real fast 'cause there's so much to do.

Here comes Brobee looking oh so fine.

Brobee: Now it's feeling more like Christmas time!

Look! There's Nathan. He's our brand-new friend.

Nathan Davis: The gang's been teaching me how to play pretend.

Toodee: My name's Toodee and I'm glad we're here.

All: We're doing what the elves do all through the year.

Last comes Plex and our gang's complete.

Plex: I feel just like an elf from my head to my feet.

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