Guest Stars Edit

  • Mark Mothersbaugh (In a Mark's Magic Pictures Segment)
  • Smoosh (in a Super Music Friends Show Segment)
  • Noah Collins (In a Counting Segment)
  • Naomi Rossister
  • Sadie Mei Lynn
  • Dillon Metoyer
  • Brooklyn Bongquiet
Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Everybody plays "Hold Still" where they wiggle and freeze

Jingle As a young Mouse drifts off to sleep, he is lead into a colorful dream inspired by a Mobile in his room
SCENE 2 It's naptime! Brobee Muno and Foofa are interested, but Toodee hates napping. Plex tells her (and the audience) that you need to. So Toodee goes to bed
CHARACTERS Plex tells everyone how to put on their pajamas over Kenny from Kid Idol putting on his pajamas
Super Music Friends Show Smoosh performs "Pajama Party Time"
SCENE 3 When it comes time for Bed, Muno is still awake because of alone time. After the rocks in Munoland sing to him, he falls asleep
FILM Noah Collins counts sheep
SCENE 4 Everyone sings about their Dreams
CHARCTERS DJ Lance shows the viewers a montage of Kids making Puffed Cheeks
STORY TIME Mucci and Pooty
CHARACTERS Toodee listens to the sounds of night animals