Fun is the third episode of Yo Gabba Gabba! from the first season.

Segments Edit

  • Play Pretend with Muno: Monkey; DJ Lance Dance: "The Baby Issac"; Cool Tricks: Kristin Dorn, Gymnastics; Storytime: "Toot Your Horn"; Colors with Brobee: Green
  • "Party In My Tummy (Breakfast)", "What is Fun?", "Use Our Bodies", "Get The Sillies Out";
  • Super Music Friends Show: "Banana" by The Aggrolites
  • Sukho Lee Fun Remix and Credits
  • 8 bit Games: Skateboard Bonanza 
  • 8 Bit Games: Race to the Finish Line
  • 8 Bit Games: Riverboat Racer 

Kids Edit