Greetings is the 10th episode of Yo Gabba Gabba!

Synopsis Edit

This episode teaches about being polite and having manners

Segments Edit

  • "Hello Song", 
  • "Name Game"
  • "Excuse Me (You're Excused)",
  • "Goodbye Song (Magic Ball Friends Version)"; 
  • Jingle "Hello, Goodbye" by I'Kona
  • Jingle: "Please, Thank You";
  • Biz's Beat of the Day with Biz Markie; 
  • Numbers: Drumming Numbers (Eight);
  • DJ Lance Dance: "The Roth Rock"
  • Super Martian Robot Girl: "Do You Like My Haircut?"
  • Colors with Brobee: Brown;

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8 bit games Edit

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