"Mufa" is a fanatic by Max imagination. The story talks about the romance between Muno and Foofa. Only two chapters have been released so far, with the last one being uploaded mid-2012. It is unknown if the fanfic will continue, or if it is cancelled. The original story can be seen here.


Chapter 1: Am I in Love?Edit

"Hello friends! Today we're going to see the love life of Muno and Foofa! This all started one day in Gabbaland when Muno visited Foofaland."

DJ Lance writes about Lamese and Sila's first Plexketeer meeting, and Plex teaches everyone the Plexketeer motto.

At the Plexketeer meeting, Plex plays a game of adding kids into his station with a song, and DJ Lance becomes the one who puts the robots in the station.

Muno decided that he'd pay a little visit to his friend Foofa. He walked over to Foofaland to greet her.

"Umm… hey." Muno said.

"Hello, Muno!" Foofa sang.

"So… me, Brobee and Plex are going to play a ball game in Brobeeland. Up for the game?"

"Sorry, Muno." Foofa said. "Me and Toodee are going ice-skating."

"Umm… ok, I'll see you later." Muno said gloomily.

"Bye!" And Muno went up to Brobeeland, where Brobee and Plex were stretching.

"Hey look!" Plex yelled. "It's Muno! Hey Muno!"


"Muno," Brobee said, "are you alright?"

"Yes? No? I don't know!"

"What's wrong?" Plex asked.

"You see, today I decided to pay a visit to Foofa. I was staring at her, and all I could see was her sparkling eyelashes, her pink, pretty face, and that beautiful flower!"

"Muno, I think you're in love!" Brobee chimed.

"Love?" Muno questioned.

"Yeah… I guess so… "Plex replied sadly.

"Love? Am I… in love?"


"Am I in love? I think I am,

Am I in love? Does my heart beat to the beat of drum?

I always feel so happy when I'm right next to her.

It always feels so lovely when I hold hands with her.

I can't breathe, I can't think, I can't do anything when I'm with her

I hope she doesn't fly away like a bird.

We've held hands, we've played ball, we've hugged, I feel we've done all

Hearing myself, I know I'm in love

I'm in love! I know I am

I'm in love! I don't need to push and shove

I'm in love! Like Toodee and her brand new gloves

I'm in love! And I know it because my heart beats to the beat of a drum

I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in LOVE!"

"It's all so clear now! I'm in love!" Muno chimed.

"Wow! It's true!" Brobee yelled.

"You're in love!" Brobee sang.

"Yes I am!" Muno yelled.

"You're in love!"

"Yes I am! And I know cause my heart bumps next to hers!"

"You're in love!"

"Yes I am! I've got a star in my eye! I'm in love!"

"I feel my eye's aren't dry!


"Wow! I'm so happy!" Muno yelled.

"Me too!" Brobee yelled as well. "And I'm not even in love!"

"At least both of you are happy." Plex cried, walking away.

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Chapter 2: Oh, It's so Obvious!Edit

Song: "Time" by Try-Fecta Trifecta

This is a song, not too long
This message is right, and it isn't wrong
It's just to say I love you.
But that line, is so cliché
This song is another way
To say, I love you.

It takes time, it takes time
To fall deep in love
You can take, You can take
All the time, I don't care

But It's time, for love
It's time to take me away
I want love now, but I can wait
I just love the love, it's time!

"Hello Again!" DJ Lance yelled to the audience. "Foofa and Toodee were ice-skating in Toodeeland when Foofa started talking about Muno."

"Muno seemed kind of bummed out that I didn't play ball with him." Foofa frowned in a soft voice.

"It's kind of obvious why. He might not be that obvious to you, but when he's not around you, it's obvious!" Toodee yelled, loud enough to get her point across, but not loud enough that the boys would know in the land right next to them.

"What are you talking about?" Foofa asked. Toodee emphasized her words.

"Muno. Likes. YOU."

"Like you said, it's not obvious. I've never noticed anything that obvious." Foofa said.

"It's stuff like this when you have to read every detail clearly and close." Toodee told her.

"Please tell me more!" Foofa begged.

Song: Reasons! Performed by Foofa and Toodee

"I can figure out, all the reasons why!
And I know what you don't know!
Because he loves you, you probably do too
But I won't just leave you dry, I won't!" Toodee sang. Toodee continued, "I've seen you two

Hold hand,
Play ball,
Share valentines,
And E.T.C.

I can figure out, all the reasons why!
And I know what you don't know!
Because he loves you, you probably do too
But I won't just leave you dry, I won't!"

"Is that it to the song?" Foofa asked.

"No, I'm about to talk about why you love him! You might not know that YOU are in love with him!" Toodee yelled.

"Oh, boy." Foofa sighed.

I can figure out, all the reasons why!
And I know what you don't know!
Because you loves you, he really does too
But I won't just leave you dry, I won't!

You've helped him cure his fears,
prevented him from crying tears,
You've even let him in your club,
even when he didn't let you into his,
You've almost always been there for him,
But then again, you live right next to him,
Just face it! You both love eachother!

I can figure out, all the reasons why!
And I know what you don't know!
Because he loves you, you probably do too
But I won't just leave you dry, I won't!"


"I'm sorry! I don't see it. Maybe Muno loves me, but I don't. We are best friends, so its not like I dislike him." Foofa took off her iceskates and went back to Foofaland.

"Oh, you'll come around. You will." Toodee took off her gloves , sat in a chair, and ate some yoghurt, thinking if they won't really fall in love, she will make them.

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