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Episode Guide Edit

1. Eat - Songs: "Party in My Tummy (Brobee)", "Snacky, Snack, Snack", "Try It, You'll Like It", "Clean It Up"; Jingle: "Be Nice To Animals" by The Salteens; Fun To: Brush Your Teeth; Dancey Dance: "The Puppetmaster" with Elijah Wood; Mark's Magic Pictures: Potato bug; Numbers: "Counting With Food (Four)"; Funny Faces: Thumbs in Ears; Storytime: "Goon Fishin"

2. Summer - Songs: "Bubbles", "Summertime", "Jumpy, Jump, Jump", "Wait Your Turn"; Jingle: "This Is What The Summer Brings" by Tony Goddess and The Silver Lining; Fun To: Make Lemonade; Cool Tricks: Adrian Turner, Cup stacking; DJ Lance Dance: "The Arm Wiggle"; Super Martian Robot Girl: "Jumbo Shrimp"; Listen To Sounds with Toodee

3. Fun - Songs: "Party In My Tummy (Full Cast)", "What is Fun?", "Body Music", "Get The Sillies Out"; Jingle: "Listen" by Paco; Play Pretend with Muno: Monkey; DJ Lance Dance: "The Baby Issac"; Cool Tricks: Kristin Dorn, Gymnastics; Storytime: "Toot Your Horn"; Colors with Brobee: Green

4. Dance - Songs: "I Like To Dance" with Do It, "The Freeze Game", "I'm So Sorry", "Beaty Beat Beat"; Jingle: "Dancing's Easy" by Sizzle Me This; Play Pretend with Muno: Dinosaur; Dancey Dance: "Jumping Jellyfish" with Hector Jimenez; I Like To Play: Drumset with Migu; Cool Tricks: John and Sean Scott, Tap dancing; Funny Faces: Pull Mouth Wide; Super Martian Robot Girl: "Dance Party"; Listen To Sounds with Toodee

5. Sleep - Songs: "Hold Still", "Nap Time", "Happy Thoughts", "Close Your Eyes (Dream of Happy Things)"; Jingle: "Bedtime Lullaby" by Mark Kozelek; Fun To: Put On Your Pajamas; Mark's Magic Pictures: Dog; Numbers: Sheep (Six); Funny Faces: Puffed Cheeks; Storytime: Moochy and Pooty in "Monster Truck"; Listen To Sounds with Toodee

6. Happy - Songs: "I'm Not Afraid", "Hugs Are Fun", "I Am So Happy", "Sometimes We Win, Sometimes We Lose"; Jingle: "Kites Are Fun" by The Parallelograms; Listen To Sounds with Toodee; Mark's Magic Pictures: Happy Face; Cool Tricks: Sukho Lee, Playing a theremin; Super Martian Robot Girl: "Where's My Mama?"; Matching Game with Foofa

7. Friends - Songs: "My Friends", "High Fives", "It's Your Turn", "Hands To Yourself"; Jingle: "Share" by The Aquabats; Fun To: Put Your Toys Away; Dancey Dance: "Peanut Butter Stomp" with Mya; Mark's Magic Pictures: Fish; Cool Tricks: Marshall Hough, Hanging a spoon from his nose; DJ Lance Dance: "The Eagle Has Landed"; Storytime: "Faldarz and the Yellow Alien"; Colors with Brobee: Yellow

8. Careful - Songs: "Up Up Up", "Shake It Off", "Don't Throw Things at Friends", "Danger!"; Jingle: "Family Tree" by Low; Fun To: Make a Snack; Biz's Beat of the Day; Numbers: Skatin (Nine/Ten); Funny Faces: Pull Ears; Storytime: Moochy and Pooty in "Gettin' Messy"; Colors with Brobee: Red

9. Scary - Songs: "Don't Be Afraid", "I Like Bugs", "Try It, You'll Like It", "Tiny Ugly Germs"; Jingle: "Different Shapes" by Frequent Flyer; Play Pretend with Muno: Astronaut; Dancey Dance: "Razzle Dazzle" with Leslie Hall, DJ Dr. Laura, and The Junior Gems; Mark's Magic Pictures: Cat; Cool Tricks: Adam Deibert playing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" with his hands; DJ Lance Dance: "The Big Bounce"; Matching Game with Foofa

10. Halloween - Songs: "It Is Fall", "Halloween", "Trick or Treat", "Too Much Candy"; Jingle: "It's Halloween" by I Monster and Philly Smith; Listen To Sounds with Toodee; DJ Lance Dance: The Teeter-Totter; Cool Tricks: Rebecca Gallo demonstrates Taekwondo; Super Martian Robot Girl: "Halloween Party", Colors with Brobee: Orange

11. Greetings - Songs: "Hello Song", "Name Game", "Excuse Me (You're Excused)", "Goodbye Song (Magic Ball Friends Version)"; Jingle: "Hello, Goodbye" by I'Kona; Jingle: "Please, Thank You"; Biz's Beat of the Day with Biz Markie; Numbers: Drumming Numbers (Eight); DJ Lance Dance: "The Rock Rock"; Super Martian Robot Girl: "Do You Like My Haircut?"; Colors with Brobee: Brown;

12. Move - Songs: "Hold Still", "Skippy, Skip, Skip", "Nice and Easy", "Hands To The Beat"; Jingle: "Pick It Up" by GOGO 13 and Alex Désert; I Play: Drums with Ricky Fitness; Fun To: Wash Your Hair; Dancey Dance: Skateboarding with Tony Hawk; Cool Tricks: Venom Break Dancers; Funny Faces: Pull Lips Down; Storytime: "Bruce The Moose"

13. Together - Songs: "On My Face", "Baby Steps, Big Steps", "Don't Bite Your Friends", "Teamwork"; Jingle: "Love Every Living Thing" by Call Sound Call Noise; Play Pretend with Muno: Horse; Dancey Dance: "The Twirly Wirly" with Nikki Flores; Mark's Magic Pictures: Monkey; Numbers: Fingers (Ten); DJ Lance Dance: "The Funky Penguin"; Super Martian Robot Girl: "Dance of the Cobraman"

14. Christmas - Songs: "I Love Winter", "Decorate The Tree", "Making Presents", "For Me, For You"; Jingle: "Christmas Time" by Jason Lytle; Pretend with Muno: Christmas Tree; Dancey Dance: "The Snowy Jingle" with The Snow Princess*; Mark's Magic Pictures: Snowman; 'Numbers: Animals in the Forest (Five); Funny Face: Face Squish; Storytime: "Santa's Helpers" NOTE: The Snow Princess is the first Dancey-Dance friend in stop motion.

15. Car - Songs: "Keep Trying (Plex and Muno Version)", "Dangerous", "Let's Try To Remember", "Driving In A Car"; Jingle: "Look Both Ways" by The Aggrolites; Pretend with Muno: Snake; Dancey Dance: "Electric Eel" with Sugarland; Biz's Beat of the Day; Cool Tricks: Ian "Bones" Fowles from The Aquabats and Jodey Lawrence from Supernova playing guitar; Funny Face: Thumb to Nose; Storytime: Naughty Gordie; Listen To Sounds with Toodee

16. Share - Songs: "Mine And Yours", "I Love To Share", "Catch and Throw", "Don't Take It Away"; Jingle: "Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Lose" by Dean & Britta; Pretend with Muno: Elephant; Biz's Beat of the Day; Numbers: Blocks (Five); DJ Lance Dance: The Jump Step; Super Martian Robot Girl: "Sounds of the Dolphin"; Colors with Brobee: Purple

17. Find - Songs: "I Like Fish", "Peek-A-Boo", "What Is It?", "Keep Trying (Toodee and Brobee)"; Jingle: "Come and Play" by The Little Ones; Sounds with Toodee; Dancey Dance: "Mini Spinny" with Sean Kingston; Mark's Magic Pictures: Truck; Cool Tricks: Rahzel performs Beatboxing; Funny Face: Tongue to Nose; Super Martian Robot Girl: "Funny Bunny"; Fun To: Wash Your Hands

18. Train - Songs: "Teamwork", "Don't Be Afraid", "Train Ride", "Inside Voice/Outside Voice"; Jingle: "Train Ride" by Tahiti 80; Game with Foofa; Dancey Dance: "The Dog" with Laila Ali; Biz's Beat of the Day; Numbers: Objects (Ten); Funny Face: Push Up Nose; Storytime: Moochy and Pooty in "Up, Down"; Colors with Brobee: Pink

19. Love - Songs: "Keep Trying (Toodee and Foofa)", "I Love You", "I Love Flowers", "Be Nice To Everyone (With DJ Lance solo)"; Jingle: "I Found Love" by Trembling Blue Stars; Mark's Magic Pictures: Elephant; Numbers: Surfing (Five); DJ Lance Dance: "The March"; Storytime: "Alfcore"; Game with Foofa

20. Imagine - Songs: "Pretend", "Balloons (Full Cast)", "Tell The Truth", "Things Inside Your Body"; Jingle: "Some Things Are Big, Some Things Are Small" by Jason Falkner; Game with Foofa; Numbers: Surfing – Part 2 (Ten); DJ Lance Dance: "The Boing"; Storytime: "Charlie C"; Colors with Brobee: Blue