The following are episodes from Season 2.

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Episode Guide Edit

1. Teeth - Songs: "Baby Teeth", "Tooth Fairy", "Baby Teeth, Big Teeth"; Jingle: "Brush My Teeth" by of Montreal; Mark's Magic Pictures: Tooth; Storytime: "The Alligator and the Tiny Ugly Cavities"; Cool Tricks: Shandon Edwards makes Strawberry the donkey smile

2. Birthday - Songs: "My Birthday", "It's A Party For Brobee", "Having A Party"; Jingle: "Happy Birthday" by Tyger Ryder; Biz's Beat of the Day; Cool Tricks: Baking special birthday cakes with Parker Jacobs; Dancey Dance: Birthday Party Dancey Dance with Melora Hardin

3. Games - Songs: "DJ Lance Says", "Freeze Tag", "March With Me"; Jingle: "Play With Me" by The Clientele; Mark's Magic Pictures: Golf; Storytime: "Bayou Boat Race"; Cool Tricks: Playing the Recorder with Nose by Jaclyn "Jackie" Paris Jacobs

4. Green - Songs: "Water", "Throw Us Away", "We're Counting On You"; Jingle: "Fruit" by YMCK; Mark's Magic Pictures: Tree; DJ Lance Dance: "The Crazy Daisy"; Storytime: "Cloudie The Cloud"; Cool Tricks: Ethan Bortnick plays piano

5. Talent - Songs: "What Is My Talent?", "Keep Trying", "What's Your Talent?"; Jingle: "What Are Your Talents?" by Joy Zipper; Dancey Dance: "The Amar'e Dribble" with Amar'e Stoudemire; Mark's Magic Pictures: Drawing; Biz's Beat of The Day; Cool Tricks: Logan Knight performs The Belly Roll; Funny Face: Hands on Cheeks

6. Space - Songs: "Little Lights (Stars at Night)", "Rocket Ride", "We're All Different"; Jingle: "Eye To The Sky" by Pinback; Storytime: "Lloyd and the Asteroids"; Numbers: Counting Astronauts; DJ Lance Dance: "The Moon Bounce"

7. Weather - Songs: "The Rain Is Falling", "Rainbows", "Springtime Sunny Day"; Jingle: "I Love The Rain" by Frequent Flyer; Knock-Knock Joke of the Day: "Can I Come In?"; DJ Lance Dance: "The Raincloud"; Storytime: "Water Drops & Oil"; Numbers: "A Day In The Park"

8. Robot - Songs: "The Robot Song", "Electricity", "The Robot Game"; Jingle: "We Are The Robots" by Enon; Mark's Magic Pictures: Robot Gorilla; Cool Tricks: Rhys Darby Pretends to be a Robot; DJ Lance Dance: "The Robot Recharge"; Storytime: "Prof. Whizbang and the Robot Planet"

9. Differences - Songs: "I've Got Glasses (I Can See Much Better)", "Don't Say Mean Things To Friends", "All My Friends Are Different"; Jingle: "I Wear Glasses" by I'Kona; Mark's Magic Pictures: Carrot; Storytime: "Argyle the Octopus"; Numbers: "Love Me"

10. Animals - Songs: "What Is It?", "Who Made These Tracks?", "Animal Dance Cards", Jingle: "Animal Sounds" by The Aggrolites; Knock-Knock Joke of the Day: "Interrupting Cow"; DJ Lance Dance: "Fox On The Run"; Storytime: "Cammy, Jenny, & Slater"; Numbers: Birds

11. Band - Songs: "We Like To Rock", "Practice", "Make a Hit"; Jingle: "Be Patient" by Call Sound Call Noise; Biz's Beat of the Day; DJ Lance Dance: "The Marching Band"; Storytime: "The Music of Sound"; Numbers: Piano

12. Big - Songs: "Big and Small", "Big Things, Small Things", "Catch and Throw", "Be Yourself"; Jingle: "Grow" by Rafter; Mark's Magic Pictures: Fleas on Skis; Cool Tricks: Gumpelstiltskin makes balloon animals; DJ Lance Dance: "The Big Bop"; Storytime: "Sprinkles & The Bake Off"

13. Mystery - Songs: "Look Again (Nice and Slow)", "It's a Mystery", "Scared of the Dark"; Jingle: "Some Things Are A Mystery" by Autolux; Biz's Beat of The Day; Knock-Knock Joke of the Day: "Sherlock"; Numbers: Opposites; Storytime: "The Missing Mooky Mooky Boo Boo Towel"

14. Family - Songs: "That's Our Family", "Nice To Meet You", "Lemonade"; Jingle: "That's My Family" by The Apples in Stereo; Biz's Beat of The Day; Cool Tricks: Emily, Jakob, and Jeremy Keppelmann play music together as a family; Funny Face: Cheek Pull and Wave

15. Ride - Songs: "Bikes Are Fun", "Ouch That Hurt/Keep Your Balance", "Let's Go Surf"; Jingle: "Ride Ride Ride" by Digital Unicorn; DJ Lance Dance: "The Buckle Up"; Storytime: "Bike Race"; Numbers: Ice Cream Truck

16. Boat - Songs: "Boat Trip", "Try It, You'll Like It", "Party In My Tummy", "At The Beach"; Jingle: "Sea Friends" by Mason Jennings; Mark's Magic Pictures: Goat in a Boat; Storytime: "The Menehunes"; Cool Tricks" Jalailah Lelani performs the Tahitian Dance From The Islands

17. New Friends - Songs: "It's Not Fun to Get Lost", "New Friends", "Goodbye Song"; Jingle: "In a Safe Land" by Tanya Haden and Petra Haden; DJ Lance Dance: "The Find It"; Dancey Dance: "The Disco Roll" with Jack Black; Knock-Knock Joke of the Day: "Cargo"

18. Art - Songs: "Mixing Up Colors", "Don't Say Mean Things To Friends", "Art Show"; Jingle: "Favorite Colors" by Neil Halstead; Mark's Magic Pictures: Eggs with Legs; Cool Tricks: Ray Barbee rides a skateboard; Dancey Dance: "The Aligator Chomp" with Andy Samberg; DJ Lance Dance: "Paint a Rainbow"

19. Dress Up - Songs: "Funny Hat", "Cowboy Muno", "Save the Princess"; Jingle: "New Pair of Shoes" by Les Savy Fav; Mark's Magic Pictures: Pirate; Storytime: "The Princess and The Dragon"; Numbers: Magic Blocks

20. Clean - Songs: "Tiny Ugly Germs", "Super Soapy Pal", "Bath Time", "Shampoo Time"; Jingle: "Please Cover Your Mouth" by The Bird and the Bee; I Like To Play: Drumset with Questlove and Frank Knuckles; Numbers: "Happy Computer"; Dancey Dance: The Groovy Cat with Rachel Dratch

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