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The third season started production in 2009 and began airing on Nickelodeon in March 2010 with an order of 26 episodes. The season was later split in half, making a fourth season.

Episode Guide Edit

1. School - Songs: "First Day of School", "At School (Here With All My Friends)", "Show And Tell"; Jingle: "What Story Do You Want To Hear?" by Dr. Dog; Mark's Magic Pictures: Crayon; Funny Face: Chin Stroke; Storytime: "Seymour the Skateboard"; Cool Tricks: Matthew on a Pogo stick

2. Adventure - Songs: "Adventure", "The Jungle", "Climb Right Up To The Top"; Jingle: "Imagination Adventure" by Sunbears; Mark's Magic Pictures: Helicopter; Numbers: "Safari Adventure"; Storytime: "Pookie's Adventure"

3. Nature - Songs: "Camping", "Story Song", "Flying In Nature"; Jingle: "The Great Outdoors" by The Decemberists; Biz's Beat of the Day; Knock-Knock Joke of the Day: "Leaf"; Storytime: "Ruby, Harper, Clyde"; Numbers: Leaf Freq

4. Doctor - Songs: "Rest Up", "The Doctor", "Help Your Friends"; Jingle: "New Day" by Swound!; Biz's Beat of the Day; Numbers: Food, Not Food; Storytime: "Dr. Black & the Fruit Tree"

5. Flying - Songs: "Let's Fly", "Friends Can Help", "Up, Up and Away"; Jingle: "Balloon Ride" by Super Furry Animals; Numbers: "The Red Balloon" by Frequent Flyer; Biz's Beat of the Day, DJ Lance Dance, The Whirlybird

6. Superhero - Songs: "Superhero", "Super Teamwork", "Super Good"; Jingle: "We R Superheroes" by Robert Schneider; Biz's Beat of the Day; Storytime: "Super Martian Robot Girl & The Yeti"; Numbers: "The Aquabats"

7. Circus - Songs: "Circus Parade", "I'm a Clown Now", "Here At The Circus"; Jingle: "Circus Town" by Mates of State; Mark's Magic Pictures: Hoop; Knock-Knock Joke of the Day: "Lion"

8. Fairytale: Songs: "A Better Day", "Believe in Magic", "A Magic Place", "I'm So Sorry"; Jingle: "Golden Goose Fairy Tale" by The Submarines; Knock-Knock Joke of the Day; Mark's Magic Pictures: Beanstalk; DJ Lance Dance: "Climb the Beanstalk"; Note: "A Better Day" is credited as Performed by See Spot and Composed by Andrew Fackrell.

9. Clubhouse - Songs: "Building a Clubhouse", "Do Our Own Thing", "Everything is More Fun"; Numbers: Clubhouse; Jingle: "Help Your Friends" by DeVotchKa; Mark's Magic Pictures: Tools

10. Treasure - Songs: "Treasure Is Anything", "Treasure Hunt", "Treasure Dance"; Jingle: "Treasure Hunt" by Camera Obscura; Mark's Magic Pictures: Treasure Chest; DJ Lance Dance: "Dig For Treasure"; Storytime: "The Farmer's Jewels"

11. Pets - Songs: "I Love My Pet", "That's What Friends Are For", "Promise To My Pet"; Jingle: "My Special Friend" by The Pepper Pots; Mark's Magic Pictures: Guinea pig; Storytime: "Clyde and Harry"

12. Baby - Songs: "We Were All Babies", "Babies Need Our Help", "I'm So Sorry (Baby Version)"; Jingle: "Little Baby" by Hunter Revenge; Mark's Magic Pictures: Eggs in a Nest; Numbers: "Five"; Storytime: "Naming Baby"

13. Bugs - Songs: "I Love Bugs", "Follow The Oskie Bugs", "Eggs"; Jingle: "Bugs Are A Curious Fellow" by Black Moth Super Rainbow; Mark's Magic Pictures: Ant Farm; Cool Tricks: Mix Master Mike performs a DJ Mix; Storytime: "Buzzy the Bee"