Back Season 2

  • 1: Circus  March 8, 2010 "Weird Al" Yankovic as the Ringmaster Next Season 4

Sarah Silverman (Dancey Dance) Mark Mothersbaugh (Mark's Magic Pictures) {C}{C Jack McBrayer & Paul Scheer (Knock-Knock Joke of the Day) {C}{C Black Kids (Called Dance Kids) "We Love Clowns" (Super Music Friends Show) {C}{C Parellograms coming To DVD Summer 2011 on DVD Mates of State n/a

  • 2: Bugs  March 9, 2010 (Mark's Magic Pictures) Tim Armstrong Mr. Cactus (VO) Mix Master Mike (Cool tricks) Travis Barker "Bugs Are A Curious Fellow" by Black Moth Super Rainbow Songwriter: Jarond Gibbs Bee
  • 3: Doctor  March 10, 2010 Anthony Bourdain as Dr. Tony

of Montreal "Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast" (Super Music FriendA

  • 7: School  September 19, 2010 Angela Kinsey as Ms. Angela

The Faint "Teach Me Teacher" (Super Music Friend Show) Frequent Flyer "What Story Do You Want To Hear?" by Dr. Dog

  • 8: Adventure  February 7, 2011 "Spaceship Adventure" by The Killers
  • 9: Nature  February 8, 2011 Marissa Jaret Winokur (voice) "Out in Nature" by Band of Horses
  • 10: Big February 9, 2011 "Something's Big, Something's Small." by Jem (singer)

"Big & Small" "Catch & Throw"

  • 11: Ride February 10, 2011 "Lets Ride" by Dean and Britta

"Bikes Are Fun" "Ouch It Hurts" "Lets Go Surf"

  • 12: Space February 25, 2011 "Rocket Run" by Electrocute (band)

"Little Lights in the Sky" "Everyone Is Different"

  • 13: People January 16 2012 "Footlose" by Anny David And Realie Moucent "Ouch It Hurts" "Catch & Throw" "Everyone Is Different"
  • 14: Pet Show September 21 2014 "We're Having A Pet Show" by The Salteens "Where Do Dogs Live" "Nice To Meet You" "The Searching Song"
  • 15: Valentine March 1 2019 "What Is Valentine's Day?" "The Love Song" by Leslie Hall "You're My Valentine" "We Love You"

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