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  • Most of the kids are seven, Sadie is five, Naomi Wong is four, Dillon Metoyer is three, Brooklyn Borgquist is two, and Naomi Rossiter is one
  • Naomi Wong likes apples, Naomi Rossiter likes ducks, Sadie likes flowers, Dillon likes the rain, Sophie likes the beach, Caleb loves reading, Nathaniel likes chocolate, Haydn likes eggs and bacon, Megan likes cookies. Skylar likes soccer. Jordan Basallo likes ice cream, Calista likes kittens, Logan Blake likes puppies, Phoenix likes unicorns, Ming likes sheep, Logan Ricketts likes chickens, Gracie likes peanut butter and jelly, Maxon likes toast. Some things about them are different in an alienate universe, Brooklyn doesn't exist because of time travel. However, Naomi Rossister can talk a bit, and Brooklyn is a baby and only speaks gibberish.
  • Naomi Rossiter, Caleb Carlin, Darla Jacobs, Erica O'Barr, Ben Harvey, Alex Lee, Brooklyn Bongquist, Allison Bell, Holland Baum, Haydn Norwood, Megan Lamb, Skylar Hutcheon, Jordan Riley Basallo, Calista Witten, Logan Blake, Phoenix Linn Wright, Gracie Lamb, Maxon Schultz and Sophie Chamberlain are Caucasian. Sadie Mei Lin, Naomi Wong, Nathaniel Wong, Ke-Ming Yen are Asian. and Jordan Robinson, Dillon Metoyer, Logan Ricketts and Myles Caldwell are African American.