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The film begins when Plex (voiced by Christian Jacobs), a yellow robot, welcomes the kids to Gabba Land and tells them that Thursday morning is DJ Lance's (Lance Robertson) birthday. Everyone in Gabba Land wake up and say "hello" to the kids. Foofa (voiced by Emma Jacobs), a pink flower bubble, reminds the kids they are having a birthday party in Muno Land and they want it to be a surprise, so she tells the kids not to tell him. And then Toodee (voiced by Erin Pierce), a blue cat dragon, and Muno (voiced by Adam Deiblert), a red cyclops, need the kids to help them get everything ready in time for DJ Lance's surprise party.

After eating breakfast in Toodee Land, Brobee (voiced by Amos Watene), a green-striped monster, doesn't know when DJ Lance was born. Toodee tells him that he was born in August 3, 1965. After a moment, Plex picks up a list of things to do: put up the decorations, wrap DJ Lance's presents, make snacks, make up a Dancey Dance, set the table with plates, silverwares and cups, and make a birthday cake. But Muno remembers that they have to invite friends to the party. Plex thinks it is a good idea and everyone gets the party all set.

In a scary castle on the top of the faraway Mount Olympus, an evil witch named Mother Witch (voiced by Carol Burnett), who lives with her two sons, Lord Tigress (voiced by Bill Hunter) and Dracula (voiced by Alexander Gould), discovers the Gabba gang decorating Muno's land for DJ Lance's birthday. They soon realize the gang wants the party to be a surprise. When Mother Witch asks Dracula to kidnap two friends they invite to the party, she tells Lord Tigress to capture Toodee and bring her to the castle. After this, Mother Witch sends her four workers, Tiny Ugly Germs, to alert the gang immediately.

The Tiny Ugly Germ members, Micheal Jackson, Evila, Tyrone, and Pablo arrive to Gabba Land and inform the Gabba gang that they are working for Mother Witch. Toodee doesn't know that Mother Witch's sons are going to kidnap her and take her to the castle, so their evil mother could kill her and two friends they invite. Plex thinks Mother Witch's castle is not safe to live and asks the Tiny Ugly Germs why she has to be so mean and nasty. But the Tiny Ugly Germs refuse to tell the truth and go back to Mount Olympus.

Just after the Tiny Ugly Germs leave, it is Dancey Dance time and Batman comes over to join the Gabba gang for the surprise party and teaches them a birthday dancey dance called "The Train." After that, DJ Lance reminds her that the party needs to be a surprise. Wendie promises and chooses to stay over night until the party in Muno Land is ready.

While calling one of his friends to come over and celebrate his birthday, DJ Lance then meets a lovely blonde girl named Princess Winnie (Vanessa L. Williams), who is very beautiful. DJ Lance tells her that Thursday morning is his birthday and reminds her the same thing he has told Wendie. When Plex beams Winnie down, she meets everybody else, except Brobee. Toodee walks up to him and sees her friend sad because he cannot understand that Mother Witch is trying to kill Toodee and two friends they invite to the party. Toodee comforts him and tries not to let Brobee tell Mother Witch.

The next day, Plex and Muno help each other hang a "Happy Birthday" sign on the wall and Toodee, Wendie and Foofa set the table with plates, silverwares, cups, and snacks. Then, after Brobee makes up a Dancey Dance called "The Lion," he meets DJ Lance's son, DJ Junior (Jonathan Lipnicki), and a 12-year-old human girl named Leah (Emily Hahn). Brobee alerts them that Mother Witch is going to get rid of them and Toodee. Realizing that Mother Witch is very mean, DJ Junior and Leah discuss their plans on how to kill Mother Witch and make Lord Tigress and Dracula their friends, so Toodee won't belong to them.

Later, as the party is all set for DJ Lance, the Yo Russian Gabbas (Alex D. Linz, Henry Thomas, Kirsten Dunst, Daveigh Chase, and Hatty Jones), Leah's parents (Joan Cusack and Hugh Laurie), and Foofa's older sister, Loofa (voiced by Paige O'Hara), come over to stay over night and join everyone for the party. They suddenly tell the Gabba gang that they have heard Mother Witch's nasty plans on how to kidnap Toodee, DJ Junior, and Leah. This makes Muno upset and walk away in frustration.

Back on Mount Olympus, Mother Witch explains to her sons, "When those rugrats are here, we will trap them in a chair and then use an electrical panel to extract their souls, so we could make them our Olympus goons." She also reminds them that if Leah, Toodee and DJ Junior are still the Olympus goons, they will never make Lord Tigress and Dracula their new friends at all. So then Mother Witch sends her sons to tell the Gabba gang the same thing she has told them.

Meanwhile, as Captain Simone and Major Po-Po (voiced by Jack Albertson and Murray Cook) and a group of animals called The Jungle Heroes (voiced by Brian Blessed, Holly Hunter and John Goodman) come over to Gabba Land, Dracula and Lord Tigress arrive to Gabba Land and tell everyone a lie that Mother Witch will turn Toodee, Leah and DJ Junior into Olympus goons after she extracts their souls from their lungs. Toodee, furious, yells at them that if she belongs to Mother Witch, she will never join everyone for DJ Lance's surprise party. As a big battle ensues, Leah is about to slash Dracula and Lord Tigress with a sharp icicle when suddenly, she bumps into them and knocks dynamites out of their hands. When the dynamites fall to the ground, they blow up and destroy the party.

When Mother Witch's sons fly back to Mount Olympus, Plex sees the party ruined and the play land in smoldering ruins. Toodee tells him and the others that she did it. Leah thinks she is lying to the Gabba gang that Mother Witch is trying to kill her. Devastated, everyone argues with Toodee and then get her into trouble. Toodee tries to beg everyone to forgive her, but gives up and storms off in tears.

DJ Lance suddenly finds his party destroyed and realizes that Toodee is in big trouble. When Muno's big sister, Cheebo (voiced by Avril Lavigne), and his mother and father (voiced by Julia Sweeney and Ralph Waite) arrive, they find the Gabba gang angry at Toodee because she had destroyed the party and lied to everyone that Mother Witch is trying to get rid of her, Leah and DJ Junior. Toodee then overhears Plex talking to DJ Lance about how she ruined the surprise party and is still distraught.

During the night, Mother Witch's evil laugh wakes up Toodee, DJ Junior and Leah. Then Dracula and Lord Tigress capture them with a net gun, then take them to the castle. While inside, Mother Witch traps Toodee in a chair, pushes DJ Junior and Leah out of the way and puts a mind-control helmet on Toodee's head to transform her into an Olympus goon.

The next day, DJ Lance and the others wake up and fix up the surprise party, but discover that Toodee, Leah and DJ Junior are gone. Muno suddenly realizes that they are taken to Mother Witch's castle and comes up with a plan to stop her and make Dracula and Lord Tigress their new friends. But after this, Brobee is devastated that Toodee, DJ Junior and Leah are never joining the Gabba gang for the party if they are still the Olympus goons. Foofa then comforts him and reminds him that today is DJ Lance's birthday. Captain Simone and Major Po-Po know that DJ Junior, Leah and Toodee are in big trouble. So then the Gabba gang team up The Jungle Heroes to come to their rescue.

Meanwhile, Toodee, DJ Junior and Leah ask Mother Witch and her sons to let them go, but they refuse and switch on the electrical panel to extract Toodee's soul from her lungs and turn her into a goon. Just then The Jungle Heroes and the Gabba gang break in and try to rescue Toodee, Leah and DJ Junior. As Mother Witch pushes a red button, the electrical panel explodes and knocks Toodee unconscious. The Jungle Heroes confront Mother Witch and tell her that she has lied to Dracula and Lord Tigress that Leah, Toodee and DJ Junior will belong to her forever. And then, after a loud argument about how Toodee destroyed the party yesterday, they knock a barrel of water all over Mother Witch that causes her to melt.

When Mother Witch is now dead, Dracula and Lord Tigress thank the Gabba gang, DJ Junior, Leah, The Jungle Heroes and the kids for killing their mean mother, but see Toodee dead. Foofa then kisses Toodee until she wakes up. Toodee reconciles with her friends and tells them she is sorry for ruining the surprise party. Finally, Leah, DJ Junior, the Gabba gang and The Jungle Heroes befriend Dracula and Lord Tigress, return home, and share a happy reunion with DJ Lance, Winnie, Muno's parents, Captain Simone, Major Po-Po, Wendie, Leah's parents, the Yo Russian Gabbas, and Loofa.

The Gabba gang and the other friends get ready for the surprise for DJ Lance as Plex explains his plan: "When DJ Lance comes in, Loofa will turn on the light and we'll all yell out, 'SURPRISE'!!" DJ Lance walks into Muno Land and everyone jumps out and yells "Surprise," when Loofa turns on the light. After the friends sing a birthday candle song to DJ Lance, they take out his birthday cake and DJ Lance makes a wish, then blows the candles out. After that, Muno and Brobee give him his birthday present. DJ Lance, surprised that Toodee is home safe and sound, opens it and inside is a book of Our Favorite Recipes. When the party is over, DJ Lance thanks the kids for helping the Gabba Land friends rescue Toodee, Leah and DJ Junior and defeating Mother Witch. Princess Winnie proposes to DJ Lance. Then the friends sing a goodbye song as the end credits roll in with three songs: "The Birthday Candle Dance," "Hello" and "The Locomotion."

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  1. The Yo Gabba Gabba! Theme Song
  2. Birthday Candle Dance
  3. Mother Witch
  4. The Train (Dancey Dance)
  5. The Lion (Dancey Dance)
  6. Hello
  7. Burning Love
  8. Walking Tall
  9. Stay Home
  10. I Will Go Sailing No More
  11. The Locomotion
  12. Birthday Candle Dance (Reprise)
  13. End Title