Yo Russian Gabbas are five the magical creatures are resembles to Yo Gabba Gabba (the two boys are like Toodee and Foofa and the three girls are like Plex, Brobee and Muno) they help the Gabba gang to stop Mother Witch and her two sons for kidnapping Toodee, DJ Junior and Leah in The Yo Gabba Gabba! Movie 3 and are played Alex D. Linz, Henry Thomas, Kirsten Dunst, Daveigh Chase, and Hatty Jones.

Prudee is a Russian female hairy monster who resemble to Brobee

Prince Rooful is a Russian male flower-bubble who resemble to Foofa

Wilo is a Russian female cyclops who resemble to Muno

Trexie is a Russian female magic robot who resemble to Plex

Haadee is a Russian male cat-dragon who resemble to Toodee

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